Book Interiors & Design


  • title page of Court of Venom
  • prologue spread of Court of Venom
  • chapter four opening for Court of Venom

Court of Venom Print Interior

Fantasy title for Ooligan Press, published April 2022. Title treatment designed by Amanda Fink.

Using her experience from working on the Court of Venom galley interior (second sample), Alexandra developed this interior based on genre conventions and the cadence of the author’s writing style. She tested the layout against several fonts to find a balance between aesthetics, reader comfort, and economical paper use (responding to the rising costs in the book supply chain). Alexandra also noted the difficulties the digital department faced in previous ebook conversions and embedded stylistic elements as a typeface so it could be converted more smoothly.

  • title page for the Court of Venom galley
  • Chapter two opening for Court of Venom
  • Court of Venom galley chapter four

Court of Venom Galley Interior

Before working on the final print interior for Court of Venom (first sample), Alexandra did its galley interior. Galleys don’t need to follow as many typographical conventions as final print interiors, but Alexandra used the experience to develop interior layouts based on an author’s unique writing cadence so there are less typographical errors from the first import of the raw text.

  • title pages of The Great Gatsby sample
  • Great Gatsby dedication spread
  • interior sample of The Great Gatsby
  • interior of Great Gatsby with new chapter

The Great Gatsby Interior

Sample interiors of public domain text The Great Gatsby.


Type specimen sheet for font Alegreya

Type Specimen Sheet

Red cover with black text image of a woman on front

Sample Book Jacket for Carmilla

Social Media Collateral for The Step Back

Instagram images based on the cover of The Step Back for Ooligan’s social media.

Black and white ad for Page 1 Books

Interactive Periodical Ad Designed for Page 1 Books